Mission Completed: Learned How To Perfectly Fry An Egg

I love breakfast, especially breakfast involving eggs. I could eat breakfast for any meal (who needs lunch food? It’s usually overrated). So, normally, breakfast and eggs are a must have every day for me. I generally mix-up the different ways I eat eggs…scrambled with a variety of ingredients, an omelette, poached, or over-easy. I have always liked sunny-side up eggs when I go out for breakfast, but never really attempted to make eggs sunny-side up at home because I was always intimidated by the process (lame, I know). I have tried a few times before and always failed to make it sunny-side up, so I just stopped going there. My eggs basically always came out folded over anyways, so it seemed better just to go with over-easy method I knew.

That was all well and good until I got some more courage, did some research, successfully practiced a few methods, and discovered such an easy way to make a perfectly sunny-side up egg. I figured I should share this with you so you could also join in my joy of my newly perfected method to cook delicious eggs at home.

It’s actually a rather easy process, you just use a tiny bit of help from your friend called water.

Here are the steps to perfectly fry an egg (or 2):

1. Heat a small-medium skillet (I prefer stainless steel) over low-medium heat for a few mins. Be patient here! It’s important for the pan to get hot, but not be too hot, and not get there too fast. Mull around the kitchen and prepare a few other things for your breakfast while the pan is heating.

My Preferred Skillet for 2 Eggs

My Preferred Skillet for 2 Eggs

2. Once the pan is hot (flick a little water on it to see if it bounces around a bit), melt some of your favorite fat in the pan. For two eggs, I usually only use about 1/2 tsp…just enough to coat the pan. I prefer to use ghee, but grass-fed butter, bacon fat, coconut oil, etc will work as well.

3. Let the fat melt in the pan, swirl it around to coat the pan, and then get ready to crack your eggs!

4. I normally just tap the eggs on the counter lightly to get them to crack slightly, and then I will crack each egg in the pan.

cracking_egg       cracking_egg2

5. Leave the pan on a medium heat to cook the eggs. Now, this is where the secret comes in…

6. Once you crack the eggs in the pan, get a little bit of water (like 1/2 tsp or so), pour it in the pan, and cover the pan with a lid for 45 seconds – 1.5 minutes, depending on how runny you like your eggs.  Open the lid after a bit, to check on the eggs.  If they do not appear done, give it another 30 seconds or so and check again.


7. When the eggs are cooked to your liking, use a rubber spatula like this to easily remove your eggs from the pan.


8. Serve over your favorite side (cauliflower mash, Paleo bread/biscuit, sweet potato hash, etc.) or just with avocado and tomato slices…enjoy!


Served Over Sweet Potato Hash

If you have any other creative Paleo ideas for side dishes to serve your perfectly fried egg over, leave a comment below!

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