Getting To Know Me A Little Better

Hi Everyone!

I hope you have been having a fantastic week so far! We have had a pretty busy week so far reorganizing our house, making some improvements, and getting ready for our big trip to Peru next week.

I wanted to do a fun post that would help you get to know me better.  I thought of 20 questions that would reveal some fun facts about me and give you a chance to learn a little more about me.  Hope you enjoy!

1. Favorite Food: Dark Chocolate

The absolute best chocolate I have tasted. The only downside: they don't export!

The absolute best chocolate I have ever tasted. The only downside: they don’t export!

2.  Favorite Sport: Tennis
3.  Favorite Color: Blue
4.  Favorite Spice: Cinnamon
5.  Favorite Animal: Penguins (one of my favorite days ever was the day we were able to cuddle penguins in Dubai at Ski Dubai)


“McFatty” the Penguin

6.  Favorite Coffee Drink: Mocha
7.  Favorite Thing To Do On A Weekend: Cook a delicious breakfast (usually involving Paleo waffles or pancakes) and then spend the day at the beach (or go on a hike) with Tristin and Scout

9.  Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate (sensing a theme here?)
10. Favorite Type of Wine: Cabernet Sauvignon
11. Favorite Movie: The Notebook (I’m kind of a sappy romantic)
12. The Place I Want to Live Most But Haven’t Been Able To Yet: Netherlands


13. Favorite Book: Lord of the Rings Trilogy
14. Favorite Herb: Mint
15. What I Think About Most: Where to travel to next
16. Favorite Water Activity: Paddle Boarding
17. Favorite Place I’ve Traveled To So Far: This is the hardest question for me to answer…If I have to pick one place, I am going to say France because of the great food, wine, crepes, history, and beauty. Also, there’s easy access to Belgium for my chocolate cravings!


Marche ou Crepe in Paris…hands down best crepe I have ever eaten…melted dark chocolate and strawberries.

18. Where I Went To College: University of California, Santa Barbara
19. Favorite Way to Exercise: Anything on the beach (run, beach volleyball, paddle board, kayak, etc.)
20. Favorite Way To Cook A Meal: Barbecue

Let me know what you think...Leave a comment below!

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