(Paleo) Breakfast at Wimbledon

Two of my favorite things…breakfast and tennis!  Couple those with a potential epic tennis match at the my favorite Grand Slam in tennis, and I have myself one awesome Sunday morning.  The only thing that could make this better would be actually sitting with T in Centre Court in England.  Maybe next year…

Anyway…yesterday, T requested a morning consisting of watching the Wimbledon final with  strawberries and cream as we would if we were actually there.  So…I decided to do a pale breakfast at Wimbledon for us.  What’s on the menu? Strawberries and (Coconut Whipped) Cream of course!

But, clearly that would not be enough food to satisfy our appetites, so I am also going to make the best Paleo waffles ever and some bacon to complete our breakfast.

I knew I would hear no complaints from T. Ever since I have stumbled upon this waffle recipe from one of my favorite blogs, PaleOMG, he has been begging me to make these Light and Crispy Vanilla Protein Waffles almost every morning.  Yes, they are THAT good.  How good? We recently went out to breakfast, and when T saw that waffles were on the menu, he said “I can’t order these because they won’t taste as good as yours.”  Either he was trying to score some major brownie points (which he obviously did) or he was just being genuine about how damn good those waffles are.  Since he didn’t order the waffles, I’m going with the latter assumption.

I could write about how good these waffles are for hours, but they really are amazing, and WAY better than “regular” waffles (at least in my opinion).  The one modification I made to the Light and Crispy Vanilla Protein Waffles recipe was to substitute the vanilla protein powder with coconut flour.  I used about 1/3 of a cup of coconut flour (after adding it, I checked the consistency and added a bit more to thicken the batter if necessary).  If the batter seems a little too thick with the coconut flour, you can always add a little almond milk to thin it out.  One trick I would recommend when using coconut flour is to fluff up the flour using a fork before measuring it out, as the coconut flour tends to condense when it sits in the pantry.

Besides the waffles, I made some bacon, along with coconut whipped cream for topping.

I also cut up strawberries and banana to top the waffles with the coconut whip cream.  We drizzled everything with some pure maple syrup for a delicious breakfast.

This is a great breakfast for any Sunday, but it couldn’t be more perfect for a morning spent watching Wimbledon!

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